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Advanced Technology at Allied offers improvements for Stroke and Brain Injury Patients

//Advanced Technology at Allied offers improvements for Stroke and Brain Injury Patients

Advanced Technology at Allied offers improvements for Stroke and Brain Injury Patients

Allied Services Integrated Health System continues to make investing in cutting edge rehabilitation technology a priority for its patients. For more than a decade, patients at Allied have benefited from the Reo, a device delivering therapy for neuro-rehabilitation of the upper extremities following stroke, head injury or other neurological diagnosis. This form of robotic-assisted therapy assists in retraining arm movements, neuromuscular re-education, pain reduction, regaining coordination and improving function of the affected upper extremity immediately following and many years after a stroke or injury.

In 2015, Allied introduced the latest in robotic rehabilitation, the Reo-Go, to Inpatient and Outpatient occupational therapy services at Heinz Rehab Hospital and Heinz Rehab Center in Wilkes-Barre. Like the earlier model, the Reo-Go facilitates three-dimensional repetitive arm movements through the use of an advanced, fully motorized robotic arm. However, a number of technological advances set the Reo-Go apart from its predecessor, offering patients a more customized and efficient therapy protocol:

  • New ‘One Time Fit’ process expedites the set-up for each patient, retaining and adapting to individual patient settings and progress thereby making therapy time more efficient and effective.
  • New sensor grip and release handle assists in measuring and grading the patient’s grip strength and release in order to improve outcomes in neuromuscular re-education and retraining of a hand component.
  • Enhanced gaming tools and programs assist in retraining the upper extremity with innovative activities designed to increase coordination, speed and targeting tasks that mirror real-life movements.
  • Constant feedback on therapy progress motivates and guides the patient to improved outcomes.
  • Engaging and effective exercises that incorporate memory, sequencing and multi-step directions help to increase the patient’s attention, motivation and cognitive function.
  • Sophisticated data collection and better monitoring and reporting of the patient’s performance and progress drives more successful therapy management.

Perhaps the greatest recommendation for this device is its suitability for a wide range of patients in all stages of recovery. The system offers five modes of operation; ranging from passive support for highly function patients to guided motion for patients with little or no arm mobility.

The early initiation of use of the device has proven to enhance overall patient outcomes. Thanks to the investment in this technology at both the Inpatient and Outpatient level of care at Allied, patients can begin this therapy during the critical early stages, later transitioning to Outpatient therapy without interruption.

If you think you might benefit from the use of the Reo-Go, consult your physician who may provide you with a prescription for an evaluation at Allied Rehab or Heinz Rehab. For specific questions on how to obtain a referral, please call (570) 826-3900 (Wilkes-Barre and the surrounding areas) or (570) 348-1360 (Scranton and the surrounding areas). Visit Motorika to learn more about the Reo-Go.

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