Outpatient Rehab during COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

Outpatient Rehab during COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

I was a patient at an Allied Services outpatient rehab center before the closure in mid-March. I’d like to start coming back to therapy. What should I do?

Our coordinators will be contacting all current patients by phone to assess their needs and availability. We understand if you are not ready to return to therapy. When you would like to restart therapy, simply call your closest Allied Services outpatient rehab center to speak with a coordinator.

Will I be able to see my regular therapist?

We will work to schedule you based on your needs and staff availability. In order to maintain social distancing precautions and to minimize contact between patients, our therapists will be working with only one patient per session. This may mean that your regular therapist is not always available. We will try to accommodate your needs and requests to the best of our ability while ensuring patient safety.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes. If you would like to start receiving therapy services, please call your closest outpatient rehab center. Our coordinators will guide you through the admission process.

Do I need to wear a mask in the waiting room?

All staff and patients are required to wear a mask at all times when in an Allied Services facility. Patients are requested to wear their own mask to the facility. We will provide you with a surgical mask when you check into our rehab center for therapy.

Is the no visitor policy still in place?

Yes. In order to encourage social distancing, we are continuing our no visitor policy. If you need assistance entering our facility, you may have a family member or carer accompany you to the check in desk. They will also need to wear a mask and will be required to leave or wait in their vehicle during your therapy session. They may not use the waiting area. We appreciate that this is an inconvenience however, these measures are designed to protect the health and safety of you, your carer, other patients and staff members.

What have you done to make your rehab centers safe during COVID-19?

Each of our rehab centers has undergone extensive sanitizing procedures since their closure in mid-March. We have made adjustments to patient care areas and waiting areas to minimize contact between patients. Under the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we will use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and will issue all patients with masks. All staff and patients and other individuals entering our rehab centers will undergo screening.

Click here to read guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health on wearing a mask in public.