Nurses Month 2020: James Smicherko

Nurses Month 2020: James Smicherko


Relationships that are built to last in times of need last with us. That includes between patients and their nurses. The nurses also feel the connection. James (Jim) Smicherko has been a nurse for the last 32 years and is currently with Allied Services Home Health. 

"I visit people in their homes to care for their health needs as ordered by their physician" Smicherko said. "This includes skilled assessment, wound care, IV therapy, medication and disease process instruction."

Life for all nurses has been changed because of the pandemic, including Smicherko who cares for patients in their homes.

"At first (when the pandemic began) it was a little more stressful. We have to wear protective equipment all the time" Smicherko said. "But everyone and the patients have gotten used to it, so it isn't so bad."

For Smicherko, a 1988 graduate of Wilkes University, there were multiple reasons to become a nurse. 

"It is a career where you can help people, and it is very rewarding" Smicherko said. "It is nice knowing that you can have a positive impact on someone's health and there is job security."

During this time as a nurse, Smicherko has made many connections with patients.

"Forming relationships with patients and their families have been special moments. I have has some patients that I have taken care of for years. Others that have been patients of ours on and off for years."

"Many of these patients request our agency back for services because of the good relationships that you have formed in the past."

When caring for patients, Smicherko has also made connections through teaching each patient.

"Patient education is my favorite part of the job. Helping them become more independent at home through instruction on medications and how to treat their illness." 

The work that Smicherko does, both by caring and teaching patients is the reason why he has made a big impact as a nurse. The Times Leader wants to thank Jim Smicherko for all of this hard work, and dedication to helping others get better and learn.