Exercise classes for people living with Multiple Sclerosis

Exercise classes for people living with Multiple Sclerosis

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and widespread research, in addition to being essential to general health and well-being, exercise and physical activity are helpful in managing many MS symptoms. Studies of aerobic exercise programs for people living with MS show some of the benefits to be improvements in:

  • cardiovascular fitness
  • strength
  • bladder and bowel function
  • fatigue
  • mood
  • cognitive function
  • bone density
  • flexibility

An exercise program should fit your interests and abilities. It may need to be adjusted overtime. A physical therapist or fitness professional knowledgeable about MS can also be helpful in designing an individualized exercise program.

As a National Multiple Sclerosis Society MS Partner in Care, Allied Services offers a wide range of therapeutic interventions. This extends to exercise classes and programs designed to benefit people living with MS. At the Aronica Wellness Center at Luger Scranton Rehab Center, exercise physiologist and Fitness Manager Theresa Craig leads a variety of classes for employees, patients and community members. Two particular classes are of particular benefit to people with MS.

  • Stability Class30-minute class for beginners to improve balance, flexibility and functional movement.
  • Chair Yoga - 30 minute class combines a series of poses to increase flexibility, range of motion, strength, posture and body awareness and will deliver a comprehensive and beneficial workout. This user-friendly and easy-to-follow format is appropriate for any fitness level.

In addition to group exercise classes, Theresa works one-on-one with gym members, using rehab and fitness devices such as the TheraCycle and NuStep to help them maintain their fitness, strength, mobility and balance.

To learn more about these classes and maintenance programs call the Aronica Wellness Center at 570.341.3051 or click here.

At the Wilkes-Barre Rehab Center, our therapists and support staff utilize the large therapeutic pool to offer group and individual aquatic therapy programs that can be beneficial for MS patients.

Learn more about aquatic therapy here or call the Heinz Rehab Fitness Center in Wilkes Barre at 570-830-2065.