Healing Stones

Healing Stones

Sometimes, a simple word or phrase can help focus our minds and give us comfort during a difficult time. Allied Services Hospice Center in Scranton invites you to participate in the Healing Stones program to provide messages of encouragement and support for patients and their families.

Participate in the Healing Rocks Program

Allied Services Hospice Center in Scranton would like to provide inspirational painted rocks for families to enjoy reading or even take home with them. These painted rocks can provide universal, positive, faith-based messages. Even a simple image from nature can provide support and comfort.

We invite you to create rocks with messages of support from any and all faiths. Choose an image, a positive symbol or perhaps a line of scripture that you feel will provide comfort. 

To participate, simply leave your finished rock in the designated basket located just inside the main entrance of our Hospice Center at 511 Morgan Highway in Scranton. For more information or to learn about other volunteer opportunities, contact Megan Cerco at mcerco@allied-services.org or 570-340-6487.

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