Success in telehealth therapy: Mikey A

Success in telehealth therapy: Mikey A

“With these uncertain times, Teletherapy has given Mikey a sense of normalcy. It truly has been a blessing.​”

In early May, Allied Services welcomed patients back to many of its rehab centers in the community. The rehab centers were reopened with safety precautions designed to protect the health and well-being of patients, staff and their families. Since then, the number of patients receiving one-on-one, in-person therapy services has continued to grow as people learn about and become comfortable with the safety measures in place.

However, for some, seeking medical care and services outside the home is just not a possibility. That’s where Therapy Your Way comes in. Allied Services launched the program in response to a need for more flexible therapy solutions. With Therapy Your Way, patients can access care at rehab centers, from in-person home visits and through telehealth therapy.

“With Mikey’s complex medical issues, we just cannot chance going anywhere right now. That’s why we are so grateful Allied Services is offering telehealth therapy. Mikey gets the best of both worlds now – he gets the therapy he needs in the safety of his own home” says Mom, Nikki A.

Mikey is one of a growing number of pediatric and adult patients utilizing telehealth therapy. Using an iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop with webcam, patients can participate in one-on-one therapy from the comfort of their own home. Using secure, easy to use software, patients can see and hear their therapist for a real-time, video therapy session.

“I am what you would call technically challenged, but the telehealth therapy system is so convenient and easy to set-up. Just a few clicks and Mikey is in his therapy session with the same therapists he has always worked with.”

Mikey A

Mikey is currently participating in speech therapy sessions online with Susan Balint, SLP.

“We use our home computer and Mikey can interact on a personal level seeing his therapist’s reactions and getting verbal praise, and they keep it just as fun as our typical in-person sessions. It’s also benefiting me. I get to sit in on the sessions and watch and learn what they are working on, so we can carry on working on what he learned. We are working on his goals and he continues to meet them just as if we were in-person.”

With telehealth therapy, patients are able to continue with their therapy, ensuring that they’re not only declining but actually progressing and improving during the time away from traditional therapy visits to our rehab centers.

“With these uncertain times, Teletherapy has given Mikey a sense of normalcy. He sees his therapists as his friends and now he gets to “play” with them (as he says). It truly has been a blessing.​”

Nikki says that with the confidence they’ve built in speech therapy sessions recently, they now feel ready to return to physical and occupational therapy, using telehealth therapy of course.

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