Technology at Allied Services: Virtual Reality, Robotics and Intelligent Gravity Compensation

Technology at Allied Services: Virtual Reality, Robotics and Intelligent Gravity Compensation

Allied Services Integrated Health System is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for its patients. That means providing access to the most qualified, experienced and caring therapists and staff. It also means maintaining a focus on advancements in technology that can benefit patients.

In 2017, Allied Services introduced patients to two new devices developed by Tyromotion, a world-leading producer of robotics- and computer-assisted therapy devices. Patients at Heinz Rehab Center in Wilkes-Barre began utilizing the AMADEO and DIEGO from Tyromotion in early 2017. The AMADEO from Tyromotion is in use at Allied Services Luger Rehab Center in Scranton. While the devices are available in 300 clinics worldwide, Allied Services is the one of only twenty-two sites in the United States to host the technology.

The devices deliver robotics- and computer-assisted rehabilitation of the upper extremities following stroke, head injury or other neurological or orthopedic diagnosis. This form of robotic-assisted therapy assists in retraining arm movements, neuromuscular re-education, pain reduction, regaining coordination and improving function of the affected upper extremity immediately following and many years after a stroke or injury.


AMADEO is a computer- and robotics-assisted therapy device for fingers and hands in all phases of neuro-rehabilitation. The device is suitable for adults and children, can be easily adjusted to individual requirements, and allows the therapist and patient to work in either passive, assistive or active therapy modules. The patented AMADEO mechanism imitates the natural grasping movement of the hand. Specific exercises with the AMADEO help in cases of limited range of motion, motor function, strength and sense of touch. The finger movements stimulate the brain, and thus the reformation of the synapses. Via bio-feedback the patient can see their progress, increasing motivation.

AMADEO robotic-assisted therapy

Tyromotion DIEGO

DIEGO brings movement in the treatment of the upper extremity, supporting the often difficult training to regain lost arm-shoulder-function. It combines 3-D Virtual Reality Therapy and intelligent gravity compensation (IGC) to enable optimal mobilization of the arms in an interactive and motivating therapy setting. Passive, assistive and active therapy with DIEGO guides the patient back to naturally accustomed activities. In addition, the device allows the patient to use and work both arms simultaneously.

Tyromotion DIEGO robotic-assisted therapy

If you think you might benefit from the use of the Tyromotion, consult your physician who may provide you with a prescription for an evaluation at Allied Rehab or Heinz Rehab. For specific questions on how to obtain a referral, please call (570) 826-3900 (Wilkes-Barre and the surrounding areas) or (570) 348-1360 (Scranton and the surrounding areas). Visit to learn more about AMADEO and DIEGO.