Shaun Cottrell, Patient Account Representative

Shaun Cottrell, Patient Account Representative

Allied Services is well known as the leading provider of health care and human services in Northeastern Pennsylvania with a workforce 3,200 strong. Many of those employees work behind the scenes and play an important role in ensuring that the organization can continue to provide expert care.

One of those behind-the -scenes employees is Shaun Cottrell. Shaun first started working at Allied Services in 2000 as an Aide assisting residents at Allied Terrace. Today, he serves as a Patient Account Representative in the Patient Financial Services Department in Clarks Summit. The department is responsible for handling the insurance and billing needs for all patients served by Allied Services.

Shaun enjoys the camaraderie of working in a large department and knows he can turn to his coworkers and supervisors for guidance. Although the change of career was tough at first, he found that being patient with himself enabled him to overcome the challenges of learning a new system.

Shaun and his family like to get involved in activities at Allied Services and appreciate the rewards and discounts they enjoy as an Allied Services employee.

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