Janice Mecca, Mental Health Worker

Janice Mecca, Mental Health Worker

Janice Mecca of Dunmore is a Mental Health Worker employed by Allied Services Behavioral Health Division. Dedicated, skilled and compassionate Allied Services employees like Janice help serve the needs of members of the community with mental illness in Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Schuylkil, Bradford and Sullivan Counties.

What does a typical day look like for Janice? One day, she might be helping a client to manage their checkbook or do their laundry, another day she might be supervising and guiding a client through daily living activities like cooking and cleaning. Through it all, her goal is to help her clients feel confident and lead fulfilled lives.

The Behavioral Health Division’s goal is to help individuals with mental illness to become re-acquainted with social, economic, cultural, recreational and other resources in the community to more easily attain independent lifestyles.

Janice has been with Allied Services since 2013. Her love for her job and caring for others has inspired her to continue her studies and she hopes to one day write policy and change legislation for the better of the people she serves.

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