Felix Marrero, Operations Analyst

Felix Marrero, Operations Analyst

Meet Felix Marrero!  While Felix is a fairly new employee, he is no stranger to Allied Services. From the age of 3 to 17, Felix received therapy at Allied Services. After high school, he studied Computer Information Technology at Johnson College.  When the time came to do a summer internship, he immediately thought of Allied Services. After graduation, Felix was hired for his current full time position as an Operations Analyst in the Information Technology Department.

The department handles the routine information technology needs of Allied Services’ 3,000 plus employees. If you’ve ever been locked out of the system, had a program stop working, or lost your ability to print, you may have heard Felix’s friendly voice when you called the Helpdesk for support.  From small technical glitches to major system shutdowns, Felix is a part of the dedicated team that keeps Allied Services up and running!  “Most people are really friendly when they call.  I like being able to help them out, and get them going again”, says Felix.

In more recent years, the department’s workload has increased to meet the demands for greater integration of technology with patient care. In the past five years alone, Allied Services has implemented Aspire, a custom electronic medical record system that not only protects patient confidentiality but also maximizes the efficiency of record keeping.

The  department continues to stay at the cutting edge of technology both for patients and for employees. While working in information technology can sometimes be stressful, Felix enjoys working in a department where everyone helps each other.  “If there is anything that one of us can’t figure out, we work really well together as a team to solve the problem.  We’re constantly learning new things, so being a part of team can make things easier.”

To learn more about a position in Information Technology at Allied Services visit: www.careersatalliedservices.org