Allied Services launches new program to serve mental health needs in Lackawanna County

Allied Services launches new program to serve mental health needs in Lackawanna County

Allied Services Behavioral Health Division is proud to announce the introduction of a new program benefitting individuals with mental illness. The program adds to the division’s continuum of care that includes residential/housing support, psychiatric care, day programs, various therapy modalities, counseling and crisis intervention.

New Directions is a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (Psych Rehab) soon to be offered at facilities in Lackawanna Co. The program based out of Blakely, will be open to any adult 18 or older who meets the clinical criteria for mental illness and have a referral. Psych Rehab professionals will coach, teach and encourage clients as they learn and practice independent living and behavioral management skills. This action of putting the client in charge of their success is what separates Psych Rehab from other traditional psychiatric treatments.

New Directions offers both site-based and mobile learning opportunities in group and one-on-one settings. Some examples include vocational and educational goal setting; financial or household management; job search and interview preparation; stress and anger management; sustaining a sober substance-free lifestyle; self-care and nutrition. The facility boasts a variety of teaching and gathering areas ranging from traditional classroom and computer areas, to kitchen, laundry, and bathroom areas that can be utilized as part of any chosen lesson plan.

“The goal of New Directions is to improve the abilities and functioning of persons with psychiatric disabilities, laying a foundation for success and satisfaction in their chosen roles, work and living environments” notes Allyson Simpson, B.S., C.P.R.P., Allied Services Behavioral Health Division Program Manager. “We’re proud to be able to enhance the services we currently offer to individuals in the local community. New Directions will be a welcome addition for many in our area.”

Allied Services Behavioral Health Division began operations in 1979, with the opening of Harbor House Program, a thirty bed Community Residential Rehabilitation Facility (CRR), which provides a wide range of supports and skills training to individuals with mental illness. The Division’s Supported Living Program began in 1990. Today, Allied Services provides a range of support and services for individuals with mental health conditions throughout the region, including Luzerne, Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Schuylkill, Bradford and Sullivan counties.

For more information about New Directions and other mental health services available through Allied Services call 570-382-8317.

PHOTO ID: newly licensed mental health facility, New Directions, in Blakely, PA.​