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Nancy Riviello

//Nancy Riviello

Nancy Riviello

Nancy Riviello’s knee problems started with a meniscus tear that was complicated by her psoriatic arthritis. Within that same year she had a tumor in her foot and knee replacement surgery. Besides the pain, she had very limited mobility, which was a big challenge given her very independent nature.

Nancy, who lives in Old Forge, went to a local facility that advertised physical therapy as part of its regimen. She was very dissatisfied due to the complete absence of one-on-one support. Then someone referred her to Allied, when she said, “her whole life changed.”

Nancy credits her two therapists, Roxanne and Sue, in Allied’s nearby Taylor clinic, with her recovery. She also says that an improvement in her own attitude gave her new motivation to get well. Now she can walk better and move better than ever.

Her therapists help her stretch her knee, very gradually increasing the range of motion. She said they never push her to the point of pain, but push her just enough to keep getting stronger. She also exercises on a stationary bike to work out her knee. And swims in Allied’s pool in the Scranton outpatient center five times per week!

Ironically, it was a recent bout with nausea that showed her just how much range of motion she had regained. When she knew she was going to vomit, she knelt down without thinking. After the sick feeling passed, she realized it was the first time she had been on her knees since her surgery. She couldn’t believe it, because it was so easy.

It’s very important to Nancy to have the cleanest home possible. She now can clean and scrub daily which gives her much satisfaction. She truly enjoys her retirement, going out for lunch with her boyfriend or friends daily. She loves to shop and take long rides in the country. She happily describes “dancing fast” at a recent family wedding. What she looks forward to most of all are her frequent visits with her new grandson, the light of her life.

“I tell everyone to go to Allied,” Nancy says. “Without their help, I wouldn’t be planning a trip to the shore with my sister. Now I can’t wait.”

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