Yvonne M.

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Yvonne M. is a supervisor for Allied Services Integrated Health System’s Developmental Services Division, where she has worked for the past 25 years. When she needed rehabilitation for a double knee replacement, the natural choice was Allied. Her decision was not only motivated by her familiarity with the health system as an employee of over two decades, but also her knowledge of Allied and the quality of its services. Says Yvonne, “It does have the best reputation.” Allied Rehab Hospital in Scranton has been ranked #1 nationwide for its excellence in rehabilitation out of over 770 evaluated rehabilitation facilities, according to the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation.

Yvonne underwent her surgery on May 14th, 2015. Her rehabilitation included time as an inpatient at the Scranton Rehab Hospital’s Transitional Rehab Unit. After discharge, she received physical therapy from Allied Home Health. This Joint Commission accredited service, which brings medical care to the comfort of patients’ homes, is recognized by HomeCare Elite as one of the top-performing home health agencies in the United States.

Today, Yvonne is participating in outpatient therapy at Allied’s Carbondale Rehab Center. Recovering from a double knee replacement was challenging, but several different physical and occupational therapists have helped Yvonne through the healing process. She wishes to recognize occupational therapist Iris Lovallo and physical therapists Colleen Arcuri and Christine Marley for their wonderful work, support and expertise. “I can’t say enough about them and how well I am doing,” she says.

The 54 year old Carbondale resident lives with her husband, Dino, and their three dogs. She has a large family that includes three grown children, five grown stepchildren and four grandchildren. Although she is now home, her recovery isn’t quite over. Nevertheless, she continues to see improvement every day. “I’m still a work in progress,” she says. “I’m definitely doing so much better than I was doing in the beginning.”