Maureen J.

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Maureen J.’s knee problems started in 1993 with a torn medial meniscus in her left knee. Three years later, she suffered an injury to her right knee. For years she endured the knee pain not wanting to face double knee replacement surgery. In an effort to postpone the inevitable surgery, Maureen’s doctor recommended physical therapy at Allied Service Heinz Rehab. During her physical therapy sessions at Heinz Rehab, her therapist advised her that aquatic therapy could be highly beneficial to her current condition. “That was the best thing anyone ever did for me,” Maureen said.

“I was at a family reunion and was in agony. I was having to end my days at 6:30 p.m. due to the pain.” So Maureen decided to try the pool therapy. Her journey to regain her quality of life began three years ago in the pool at Heinz Rehab. She began with 8 weeks of physical therapy in the pool and within 4 weeks, Maureen had a noticeable weight loss and was feeling relief from her constant knee pain. “My therapy sessions ended on a Thursday, and the very next day I got my doctor’s approval and signed up for the Arthritis Water Aerobics class and for the Open Swim. I was a believer!”

Maureen continued her aquatic classes at Heinz Rehab and continued to improve and lose weight. Maureen’s physicians were thrilled with her progress and a weight loss of over 50 pounds. She was discharged from physician’s care, but continued her aquatic exercise program at Heinz Rehab. Three years later, together they decided she was healthy enough to have the knee replacement surgery.

On January 6, 2014, Maureen had double knee replacement surgery. After 2 days at the acute care hospital, Maureen was admitted to Heinz Rehab for inpatient therapy for 9 days. Maureen’s husband, Pat said, “I watched the staff work with my wife and all of the patients in the rehab center. They were fantastic. Maureen and the staff were both determined to get her back to 100%.”

At her one-month post-operative follow up visit, she was doing so well that she was written a prescription for outpatient physical therapy and aquatic therapy at Heinz Rehab.

At a mere 9 weeks after double-knee replacement surgery, Maureen was completely discharged from all outpatient therapies, but continued her fitness and pool exercise classes at Heinz Rehab. In fact, her husband Pat, joined her for pool therapy when he had a mild injury to his back. Maureen said, “It’s not just therapy and exercise, it’s a social time, too. It has provided a lot of support for us. We have met so many people with similar issues.”

Today, only 16 weeks after having both of her knees replaced, Maureen feels like a new person. “My kids are amazed,” she said. “I am able to enjoy my grandchildren. We are taking day trips that involve a lot of walking.”

“Everything that everyone taught me here at Heinz Rehab, including the gym exercises, the pool exercises, and the muscle strengthening, made a huge difference in my recovery. They inspired me. I am blessed to have had this facility available to me.”