Judy F.

If you visit Webster Towers in Scranton, you are sure to hear the name Judy F. Judy is a resident of 27 years, and knows everyone and everybody. She has a heart-warming sense of humor and an uplifting personality. For the past 45 years, Judy has experienced a range of health problems; from broken bones to needing a pacemaker.

Judy has a long standing relationship with Allied Services. Needing various surgeries throughout the years, she has been an inpatient and outpatient at Allied Rehab Hospital in Scranton, as well as receiving help from Allied Services Home Health.

“I only go to Allied. It’s getting to the point now where they’ll just say, do you want us to call Allied?” laughs Judy.

After mysteriously passing out for 9 years, Judy finally received a pacemaker that has solved the problem. After the surgery to insert the pacemaker, she had some serious complications and spent days in the hospital. When she came home, she was unable to move or take care of her daily needs. Allied Services Home Health helped Judy regain her independence, something she is adamant about at 75 years old.

Judy spoke about how caring and determined her Home Health nurses and therapists were. “They do not discharge you unless you prove yourself. I have never gone out of Allied not better,” said Judy. She emphasized how they always made sure she was alright before leaving. Judy laughed, telling stories about her recovery with them. She considers them her second family, her Allied family. Judy says she is “blessed” to have had Denise, Amy, Mary, and Maria there for her. “I just have the utmost respect for Allied.”

Judy’s latest challenge has been her shoulder, which she previously injured in a fall. She has been receiving outpatient therapy at the Luger Rehab Center in Scranton. She knows her therapist, Dawn, will have her as good as new in no time. In addition to her shoulder, Judy has also recently started receiving massage therapy for the Lymphedema in her arm. She says thanks to her therapist, Kim, she is already seeing improvement.

Judy is happy to be healthy again and able to get back to the things she loves doing, like visiting with her friends in the community room. Her latest goal is to get back to being out and about, taking walks to and from the store. She feels thankful to have made the progress she has. “I wouldn’t be doing a lot of things if it weren’t for Allied.”