John B.

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John B. was 33 years old when he was nearly killed in an auto accident. The impact caused John to be thrown out of the car, leaving only his sneakers behind. He survived with a traumatic brain injury, as well as broken ribs, a punctured lung, many other broken bones, and his teeth knocked out.

John was transferred from the acute care hospital to Allied Services Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center for transitional care. He was in a wheelchair and needed help with even the smallest movements. Due to the brain injury, he lost his ability to read, and had to relearn basic skills.

Rachel, John’s physical therapist, and Lisa, his occupational therapist, worked with him daily to make gains in his physical functions and his ability to do tasks for himself. “Rachel and Lisa became a part of my family,” said John. “They were there to hug my mom each day, and give her hope.”

When John’s sister got married, her friends and family expected to see John in a wheelchair. Instead, he was able to walk in the ceremony. “This is my miracle,” says John.

Within only six months of an accident that nearly took his young life, John is driving and working full time. After losing his ability to read, John is back to using his computer daily. He has his whole life back and is very grateful to all of those who helped in his rapid recovery.