Frank L.

Frank L.

Frank L., 78, and his wife Mary, 75, have lived in the same house in Roaring Brook Township for 45 years. Their daughter lives in the same community. They know all their neighbors. So getting health care at home means a lot to them.

Frank has had more than his share of health challenges. In 1963, when Frank and Mary’s daughter was only a year old, Frank had a cerebral hemorrhage. It was so serious that he went to the University of Pennsylvania for treatment that at that time was experimental. He had to return every six months for checkups.

In 1975, while working as a caseworker for the state welfare department, Frank was rushed to the hospital with severe pain. A nerve had been growing around left feeder vessel choking blood supply to brain. His surgery was a medical first, where they had to cut his C3 to C6, and have rods and clamps in his spine. He developed complications, which caused paralysis that lasted almost a year.

In 2008, he and Mary were on their way into Sears to do some shopping, when Frank suddenly passed out. When he was rushed to the hospital, doctors had to immediately operate to remove a heart blockage. During surgery, his atrium was pierced, causing further complications and more time in intensive care.

When Frank finally came home, he was only there two days when he had to return for a colonoscopy to determine the cause of the bleeding in his colon. During the procedure, his colon was pierced, which meant he had to have an emergency colonostomy.

When Frank came home this time, he needed home health care, and Mary needed instructions on how to care for him safely. This was their first experience with Allied Services. “Frank’s nurse Mary Jo showed us everything,” says Mary. “Frank needed Sandostatin shots multiple times a day, and Mary Jo taught us everything we needed to know to keep Frank healthy.”

Almost a year to the day after Frank’s colonostomy, doctors discovered through multiple biopsies that Frank had bladder cancer. Within ten days of Frank’s return home from surgery, he developed a bladder infection. When the hospital referred them to another home health provider, Mary stated firmly, “We would rather have Allied.”

Their Allied Home Health nurses Sharon and Joanne provided the best health care services to the family, but it was their personal interest and thorough knowledge of Frank’s history that made all the difference. Mary says that whenever she called, “Sharon always made us feel very, very comfortable. And Joanne was like a daughter to us.”

Mary beams when talking about how well her beloved Frank is doing these days. “If you met him today, you would never know that he’s ever had a thing wrong with him!”