Ed O.

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Ed O. served in the United States Air Force for 23 years and has lived at 33 different addresses. He and his family spent three years in Germany, a year in Korea, and have lived in 10 different states. When he left the Air Force, the family moved to Glenburn, where his wife Betsy’s family came from.

Ed then worked for 8 years for the Abington Heights school district and then as a private contractor for a few more years before retirement. Now 69, he has three grown children and four grandchildren.

Ed faced many challenges in his life, but none like when he had a stroke. Ed remembers “I came to Allied flat on my back, paralyzed on my right side, and unable to speak.” He spent seven weeks at the Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center, receiving speech, physical, and occupational therapy. “The therapy was excellent,” Ed says. “I’d especially like to thank Kate Gall, who was my physical therapist. Therapy was hard, but I wanted to get better, so I did everything she told me. I got well enough to get by on my own quickly.”

When Ed was discharged, he received therapy at home for two weeks, until he was well enough to travel to Scranton for outpatient therapy. He still has a residual limp he is working on losing, and says his right hand is still clumsy. He credits physical therapist Stacey Cox and occupational therapist Iris Lovallo with helping him get better and stronger. “Things are coming back,” says Ed. “Each day brings another gradual improvement.”

Ed is back to golfing once a week with his golf league. Although his handicap went from an 8 to a 28, he is confident he can improve his game. He loves to go fishing, and is able to do that as long as he has someone to help him in and out of the boat. He enjoys landscaping his garden and going to dinner and shopping with Betsy. And he loves when his grandchildren come to visit.

“The therapy I received at Allied Skilled Nursing Center was excellent,” says Ed. “And so is the outpatient therapy I get now. I wouldn’t have believed I could do all these things again, and so soon.”