Bill L.

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Bill L., a United States Air Force Veteran of Hanover Township, was in and out of the hospital three times within a few months. He was diagnosed with diverticulitis, which is inflammation of the large intestines. He also had pneumonia, and the flu along with it.

In order to go home, Bill had to go to rehab, something he really did not want to do at first. He was referred to Heinz Rehab Hospital where he began his therapy, and his mindset completely changed. “It’s amazing what they could do. I’d recommend them to anyone…but I wouldn’t want to go back,” laughs Bill. At 92 years old, his goal is to stay healthy and keep on moving. “They taught me so many different things,” said Bill. He still uses all of his exercises he learned, even making his own baton like the one he used in therapy to do arm exercises. Bill compared his stay at Heinz Rehab to a 4-star hotel in New York City.

After leaving Heinz Rehab, Bill received services from Allied Services Home Health. He had previous experiences with home health services, but Allied’s Home Health really stood out. The nurses that came to his house helped him adjust to living independently again. Anne, one of the nurses that visited Bill, marked every bottle of medicine so that he knew what they were. “You sent me the best of the best because they were all fantastic! I am 110% better!”