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Anthony G.

  • Author: Anthony G.
  • Date Submitted: Sep 17, 2019
  • Category: Pediatrics

Anthony G., an 8 year old from Greentown, is obsessed with learning about animals and history. In his free time you can find him watching Animal Planet or the History Channel. He has also started enjoying reading on his own. The recreational reading is the major accomplishment for Anthony. During his preschool and kindergarten years, Anthony was struggling in school. He had a speech delay but his mother, Natasha, believed there was more to his struggles than what was on the surface. She frequently requested meetings with his IEP to see if Anthony might be struggling with ADHD or Dyslexia, but she was told it was too early to tell. After several meetings, Natasha felt as though Anthony’s needs were not being addressed properly in their local school system. She decided to bring him to be tested by Dr. Lilik, where she learned Anthony was dyslexic.

Dr. Lilik recommended that Natasha look into Allied Services dePaul School for Dyslexia to see if it would be a better fit for Anthony’s needs. Although it was wintertime and about 35 minutes away, Natasha kept the school in the back of her mind. After snow days had passed, Natasha was able to get in contact with Mrs. Rickard and within two days Anthony was enrolled at the dePaul School.

The dePaul School is located on Allied Services main campus in Scranton. Founded in 1978, the dePaul School is a full-time school serving students grades 1 through 8. Currently, the school serves students from 23 school districts in Northeastern Pennsylvania who have been diagnosed dyslexia or a learning difficulty such as attention deficit disorder, reading, writing or spelling disorders. Class sizes are small (a seven-to one student-teacher ratio) and teachers utilize a methodology that identifies each student’s learning style.

Anthony transferred to the dePaul School at the end of January his 1st grade school year. “The dePaul School teachers knew what he needed from the beginning and I am so grateful for all they have done to help him” says Natasha. Anthony is a bubbly, energetic, happy-go-lucky child and Natasha was initially worried about the effects their local school system had on his self esteem. However, Anthony transformed at the dePaul School. “He went from hating school and being scared of learning to enjoying his school day” says Natasha.

The DePaul School reinforced the good points of learning and helped Anthony in the areas he most struggled. “The growth he has made at the dePaul School is amazing” says Natasha. She had spent many nights working with Anthony reviewing flashcards while he was in their local school system, but felt that once he entered the dePaul School he got the foundation he truly needed to succeed.

Anthony’s favorite part of his school day is when he gets to craft and his mom describes him as very inventive. Natasha has developed an ease of mind knowing that Anthony is truly succeeding and improving so much in his reading skills. She says he is also so much more confident reading aloud now than he was prior to the dePaul School. Catching him reading at home is something she takes pride in, because she knows he is getting so much more confident with reading everyday.

For information about Allied Services dePaul School for Children with Dyslexia or to schedule a tour call 570.341.4398.