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Kathleen Osborne, Director of Social Services

//Kathleen Osborne, Director of Social Services

Kathleen Osborne, Director of Social Services

As Director of Social Services at Allied Services Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center, Kathleen Osborne heads up a team of social workers dedicated to making the residents’ lives more fulfilled and satisfied. Part of that role means providing emotional support to the residents and their families. Social workers follow up on any request or concern that a resident may have, attempt to resolve any issues, and work with the other disciplines to make the resident feel at ease.

The social workers’ goal is to assist the resident in adjusting to the environment so they can continue to lead a full and productive life.

“We reinforce that just because they (the residents) need assistance and must reside in this type of facility, we can continue to learn from them and they in turn have a purpose. We stress resident rights and dignity and it is our responsibility to enforce these throughout their stay with us.  We, as social workers, feel that everyone deserves a chance at happiness no matter where one lives and we assist them in meeting this goal as best as we can.”

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