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Heinz Rehab Senior Care Unit: Not Your Typical Nursing Home

//Heinz Rehab Senior Care Unit: Not Your Typical Nursing Home

Heinz Rehab Senior Care Unit: Not Your Typical Nursing Home

In today’s world where folks are living longer, becoming more involved in the direction of their care and maintaining an active lifestyle much more than in the past, the idea of being admitted to a “nursing home” can be a frightening thought.

In years past, hearing those words from your physician, family or caregiver may have led to depression, despair and thoughts of losing everything that was once important to you. Concerns I’ve heard from patients as they consider nursing home admission include:

  • “Having just retired, would I still get to travel with my spouse as we always dreamed?”
  • “What about my grandchildren? Will I be able to get home to take them fishing or to show them how to plant the garden?”
  • “I love my church and friends. Will I ever be able to get back out and active in the community?”

All of these concerns are real and come with the same underlying foundation, the fear of losing what has always been so valuable and makes us who we are as individuals. For years, the John Heinz Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, located in Wilkes-Barre, PA, has provided industry leading rehabilitation. When you thought rehab in Luzerne County, you thought Heinz!

Recently however, as insurance and regulatory changes would seek to challenge the scope of services available, Heinz management took a proactive approach to being able to continue to maintain the high level of care they’ve provided. They accomplished this by opening a licensed nursing home within the Rehabilitation Hospital. Initially constructed as a 19-bed unit, very shortly after opening and experiencing a high community demand for therapy of the highest caliber, Heinz expanded the unit to 21 beds.

The goal of the Senior Care Unit is to serve as a short-term transitional step for patients who due to various reasons, may not qualify for the intensive therapy provided in the Inpatient Rehab Hospital but who could still excel in a setting that was very similar but allowed for the degree of therapy to vary according to each individual resident’s tolerance. Resident’s with like challenges and goals all working at individual paces but consistently with a unified goal of improving their level of physical function and returning to the community.

Allied Services and Heinz Rehab has always been about meeting the needs of the community and with clear vision and purpose by providing a short-term nursing home alternative, it continues to prove it’s leadership in the community as the premier provided of rehabilitative services.

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