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Our Teaching Philosophy

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Would My Child Benefit from the dePaul School?


  • Pronunciation problems*
  • Difficulty discriminating among sounds*
  • Slow vocabulary growth*
  • Difficulty responding to questions*
  • Lack of interest in story telling*
  • Difficulty understanding requests*
  • Poor understanding of concepts (between, above, etc.)*
  • Poor reading skills**
  • Poor reading comprehension**
  • Poor spelling**


  • Poor memory for routines*
  • Difficulty remembering directions*
  • Organizational problems*
  • Loses or forgets things frequently*
  • Trouble learning numbers, alphabet, days of the week, etc.*
  • Trouble remembering names, dates, facts**
  • Slow recall of facts**
  • Difficulty studying successfully for tests**

Motor Skills

  • Trouble learning self-help skills (e.g. tying shoe laces)*
  • Trouble manipulating small objects*

  • Clumsiness*
  • Reluctance to draw or trace*
  • Awkwardness in climbing and running*
  • Handwriting difficulties**
  • Difficulty in mastering sports**
  • Trouble distinguishing left from right**

Social Behavior

  • Trouble making and keeping friends*
  • Poor social judgment*
  • Impulsive behavior*
  • Frustration, intolerance*
  • Poor sportsmanship*
  • Difficulty accepting changes in routine*
  • Trouble interpreting nonverbal cues (e.g. facial expressions)*
  • Unsuccessful in working cooperatively*


  • Difficulty recognizing patterns or shapes*
  • Trouble learning number sequence*
  • Poor recall of math facts**
  • Poor grasp of math concepts**
  • Difficulty with written computation**
  • Poor math reasoning skills**
  • Difficulty with real-world application of math**

Attention & Concentration

  • Frequent daydreaming*
  • Trouble sitting still, extreme restlessness*
  • Impatience*
  • Impulsivity*
  • Difficulty staying on task until completed**
  • Careless errors in work**
  • Distractibility**
  • Trouble completing a task**


  • Difficulty managing time*
  • Loses things frequently*
  • Disorganized thoughts*
  • Trouble sequencing or categorizing*
  • Difficulty carrying out plans*
  • Trouble making decisions**
  • Trouble setting priorities**
  • Trouble completing assignments**
  • Difficulty with concepts of time, day, month**

Admission Criteria

  • Dyslexia
  • Reading, writing or spelling disorders
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Organization-related problems
  • Poor reading comprehension and fluency difficulties