Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) FAQs for patients, residents & family members

My family member is at an Allied Services facility and I have questions about their care. Who can I call? We know that this may be a stressful time for our patients, residents and their family members. Please feel free to call us at the numbers below for an update on your family member’s care. If our staff are all busy when you call, please leave a message and we will do our best to return your call as soon as possible.

  • Allied Services Center City Senior Community, Wilkes-Barre: 570.826.1031
  • Allied Services Meade Street Senior Community, Wilkes-Barre: 570.823.6131
  • Allied Services Rehab Hospital, Scranton: 570.340.6433
  • Allied Services Skilled Nursing Center, Scranton: 570.348.1424
  • Heinz Rehab Hospital, Wilkes-Barre: 570.826.3832
  • Personal Care at Allied Terrace, Scranton: 570.341.4659
  • Transitional Care at Allied Rehab Hospital, Scranton: 570.340.6436
  • Transitional Care at Heinz Rehab Hospital: 570.826.3832

There is a strict no visitor policy in place at Allied Services facilities. How can I visit with my loved one?
We know that the no visitor policy may be upsetting for our patients, residents and their families. The health and safety of our patients and residents is paramount however, we understand the important role that family support has in improving patient well-being. We encourage families to consider alternative forms of communication, such as FaceTime and Skype, where possible. Please speak with staff for assistance in connecting with your loved one at one of our facilities.

How are you protecting residents and patients at Allied Services facilities?

As the region’s leading provider of healthcare and human services for individuals with disabilities, life-changing injuries and chronic illness, Allied Services is always ready to provide the highest quality care for our patients and residents. Ensuring the health and safety of our patients, residents and staff is our first priority; therefore, Allied Services is exercising every precaution to protect against coronavirus/COVID-19.

  • We continue to follow guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our infectious control and incident preparedness experts are closely monitoring developments and coordinating with national and local health authorities. Teams across Allied Services meet regularly to coordinate our response to the crisis including staff trained in infection control, supply chain management, human resources, and facilities management.
  • As providers of inpatient and long-term care, Allied Services is held to a very high safety standard when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting patient rooms, common areas and high touch surfaces. Under the guidance of the CDC and PA Department of Health, our environmental control teams have enhanced their routine cleaning procedures.
  • Preventative measures to protect residents, patients and staff include the screening of all employees working at our facilities; changes to patient care and daily activities to ensure greater social distancing; enhanced daily monitoring of patient health and well-being; adherence to CDC guidelines for personal protective equipment and infection control which includes proper gowning, masking and more.
  • A strict no visitor policy is in effect at our facilities. No visitors are permitted in our skilled nursing, inpatient rehab, personal care, transitional rehab or developmental residential facilities with the exception of end-of-life circumstances. Visits to our Hospice Center are limited to immediate family only and all visitors are screened prior to entering the facility. See our current visitor policy.

How does Allied Services handle a suspected case in one of its facilities?
In line with CDC recommendations, Allied Services is screening and monitoring staff, patients and residents at all of its facilities. If a person meets CDC screening criteria, we will follow traditional quarantine and isolation procedures while confirmatory tests are performed.

What is Allied Services isolation procedure?
Allied Services is following CDC guidelines for testing. If a person meets CDC criteria for symptoms and/or travel history, Allied Services can obtain specimens for testing.

Has Allied Services had any suspected cases of COVID-19?
Yes, Allied Services has treated and tested patients who have been presumed positive for COVID-19. We continue to follow CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH) guidelines for screening suspected cases of COVID-19.

Are Allied Services’s COVID-19 cases reported to the PA Department of Health?

Are Allied Services’s cases included in the PA Department of Health’s COVID-19 totals?
Allied Services reports its confirmed cases to the PA DOH. The Department of Health can address specifics about how it reports COVID-19 cases.

How many persons under investigation has Allied Services had for possible COVID-19 infection?
The PADOH should be consulted for information regarding public health statistics.

How many COVID-19 patients is Allied Services caring for?
Due to patient privacy, Allied Services doesn’t disclose the number of patients admitted to its hospitals for treatment of any illness or procedure.

Is Allied Services screening all patients and employees entering the hospital facilities?
Yes. Everyone entering Allied Services facilities will be asked questions about travel, potential COVID-19 exposure and recent symptoms. The screening process also includes taking the temperatures of every patient and employee entering an Allied Services facility.

Is Allied Services rationing supplies or altering regular use of supplies?
Like all healthcare providers, we are confronting worldwide challenges for a number of supplies. Guided by recommendations from the CDC, we’re advising staff on appropriate use of certain items to help them understand guidelines for the right time to use safety equipment, how long certain equipment can be used and which items can safely be used more than one occasion.

Is Allied Services offering remote work options for those capable of doing so?
Yes. We have closed our Outpatient Rehab Centers, Day Program, Vocational Training Centers, Corporate Center and other non-essential locations. All employees that are capable of working remotely are doing so, thanks to the support of our Information Systems Department. In addition, any employee reporting respiratory symptoms or signs of illness is required to remain at home for the duration of their illness.

How is Allied Services assisting employees?
We are grateful for the dedication, loyalty and compassion of our employees. We understand that the current situation has placed unusual burdens on individuals and families and we have taken measures to lessen the impact on our employees. For example, we are offering support to essential Allied Services employees who need child care assistance, enhancing work-from-home capabilities, making benefit accommodations for staff whose workplace has been disrupted and much more.

If you have general inquiries related to Allied Services actions related to coronavirus, you may send an email to