WNEP-TV’s Ryan Leckey recently sat down with Trooper Alex Douglass for his first interview, regarding his shooting and recovery which involved extensive therapy at Allied Services Rehab Hospital. For the full interview transcipt, click here.

For the first time since he was shot eight months ago outside the state police barracks in Pike County, Trooper Alex Douglass spoke about that horrifying night, his recovery, and his goals for the future.

It was a very emotional experience as Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey sat down with Trooper Douglass and we got a sense of what his life has been like since that scary September night when he was nearly killed on the job.

Inside his home in Lackawanna County, Trooper Alex Douglass invited us in to sit down and ask the questions so many of us want to hear him answer, about what happened that night eight months ago and how he`s been striving to recover.