Terrific Tots with Torticollis

As part of an awareness-raising campaign sponsored by Pampers, Allied Services is hosting a Facebook competition “Terrific Tots with Torticollis.” The competition will be a celebration of children with Torticollis from our region and will help raise awareness of the disorder and the benefits of early treatment.

WHAT: From September 7th – 19th, Allied Services Facebook fans and supporters will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite child with Tortiocollis via a page on our website. At the end of that period, the child with the most votes will be featured as the hero/cover photo on Allied Services’ facebook page and will receive a $100 Babys R’ Us gift card.

HOW: If you would like to enter your child in Terrific Tots with Torticollis, please send the following information to Charlotte Wright by August 21.

  1. Email your favorite photo of your child to cwrigh@allied-services.org or text to Charlotte at 570-814-4487.
  2. Include the name and age of your child, your name, your hometown and any other information you’d like to share, like the names and ages of siblings, how long your child has been attending therapy at Allied Services.
  3. Complete and return the photo consent form to:
    Charlotte Wright
    Allied Services Foundation
    100 Abington Executive Park
    Clarks Summit, PA 18411

For more information call Charlotte Wright at 570-814-4487.