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Ron Oleski

Posted on May 15th, 2012. Filed under Spotlights.

Ron Oleski , 65, is an electrician from Dickson City. In November of 2010, he was loading his van when a driver in another car hit him. Both legs were crushed between the vehicles’ bumpers, but Ron’s left leg was more seriously injured, almost completely severed.

Ron went through a 13 hour surgery at Geisinger CMC to reattach his leg. After discharge, he was an inpatient at Allied, where he learned how to transfer himself. Unfortunately, the reattachment ultimately was not successful. Ron had more surgery, this time to amputate his left leg above the knee.

Now Ron needed a prosthetic. His wife learned all she could about them, and they decided that he should get one with a microprocessor. Most higher functioning patients are fitted with a mechanical prosthetic first and once they are successful with that they get a prosthetic with a microprocessor, which reduces the likelihood of falls.

Ron and his wife insisted that Ron should relearn to walk using a prosthetic with a microprocessor. They were able to get his insurance company to cover it, but there were related expenses that were not covered. Allied’s Dr. Wolk and Dr. Bednarz helped him get assistance from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, who covered the extra expenses.

Ron needed to be admitted to Allied Rehab Hospital for 10 days of intensive physical and occupational therapy, to learn to use the prosthetic. “It was like a spa,” laughs Ron. “Mark Myers was excellent. I had a lot of great therapists but Mark was my main man. He taught me so much. He had me climbing ladders so I’d be able to get right back to work.”

Ron has now been back to work for over a year, and says he has no problems. He said it’s been great getting his life back together and not having to use a wheelchair. When asked if there is anything he hoped to do but can’t, he laughs again, “I’m not jogging yet. But my wife and I faithfully go to the gym at the Aronica Wellness Center to stay in great shape.”