Chris Langley

Chris Langley

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I am from Kingston, PA. I have been married to Amy for 16 years and we have three wonderful daughters, Holly, Olivia, and Gwendolyn. I have worked for Allied Services Integrated Health Systems for 14 years and I’m currently the Assistant Vice President of the Systems Improvement Department.

“Don’t your knees kill you?”, “Did you hear about the person who died from a heart attack at that (fill in the blank) marathon?” “All that time on your feet can not be good for you.” These are common questions\expressions that I hear from people on occasion. I can totally relate with what they are saying. The fear of the unknown is scary.

We grow up listening and following rules that are set up by other people and by our own conscience. These rules help to keep us aware aware but sometimes put up walls that may lead us into stasis. Fearing that if we challenge what we believe to be the truth that we will be penalized with things like knee pain, back injuries, or death.

In order to see change, something has to change. How else do you see humans walking on the moon, surgeries performed by doctors who are miles away from their patients, or marathon records being broken. Research, passion, walking to the store
for milk instead of driving the blocks, or waking up an hour earlier to get an extra speed workout in.

I am not saying that my knees don’t hurt. They do at times. I ice them down and take ibuprofen. When my wife asked me to have an echocardiogram to ensure I did not have any issues when I am running, I scheduled it the next day.

My point is that not everything you hear is the truth. Being afraid to run because your heart may stop is no reason to not run. Ask questions get real answers. If nothing changes… Then nothing changes.

My favorite part of the marathon: seeing my friends and family. They enjoy watching me suffer and I feel the same way!!!

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