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Your Generosity in Action: An Update on WNEP’s Ryan’s Run 7

Posted on March 8th, 2017. Filed under Allied Rehab, Foundation, Fundraising, General News, Heinz Rehab, Ryan's Run, Technology.


After a record-breaking year of fundraising, new life-changing rehabilitation technology has been brought to our area thanks to your contributions to WNEP-TV’s Ryan’s Run 7.

Last fall, you helped us raise $502,315.00. Ryan’s Run benefits kids and adults with disabilities served by Allied Services.

On Wednesday, Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey gave an update on how the money raised last year is changing lives today.

Part of the update included a close look at the purchase of three cutting edge devices from a company called “Tyromotion.”

To learn more about “Tyromotion” and if this device could help with your recovery, head to this link or you can call (570) 348-1360 and (570) 826-3900.

Also during the update segment, Ryan also explained how you can join the eighth WNEP charity team and run with us in the TCS New York City Marathon this November. To apply, head here.

In addition to the “Tyromotion” devices, Allied also invested thousands of other dollars into a wide variety of new rehab devices and therapeutic programs. The technology will help children and adults with disabilities, life-changing injuries and chronic illness in our area.

Your donations also funded:

  • One occupational therapy device for addressing neurological or orthopaedically induced motor impairment at our Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center in Scranton.
  • Individual therapeutic supplies and devices for at-home and everyday use by children with disabilities.
  • Adaptive children’s tricycles and standers for use in physical therapy sessions.
  • Diagnostic device to benefit the Women’s Health Program.
  • Laptops for the portable computer laboratory at Allied Services dePaul School for children with dyslexia.
  • Music therapy equipment for use in therapeutic programs at our Adult Day Program.
  • Training and community education for behavioral rehab services for teens.

Check out this live Q and A session on Ryan Leckey’s Facebook page about how the donations from Ryan’s Run 7 are changing lives here in our area.