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Two-time Steamtown Marathon winner to compete in NYC

Re-posted from The Scranton Times Tribune.

Kevin Borrelli is a fixture at Steamtown Marathons.

To this point, the two-time winner has only missed just one Steamtown Marathon, in 2010, when his sister Caitlyn’s wedding precluded him from running.

He’ll miss it again this year, but with good reason.

Borrelli will be competing in the ING NYC Marathon on Nov. 4 with a handful of local runners as part of Ryan’s Run, which raises awareness and garners donations for Allied Services.

“I don’t miss Steamtown for small occasions, let’s put it that way,” Borrelli, 30, said.

With the sponsorship of FNCB, Borrelli is able to reach his goal of competing in New York City and also will take part in fundraising for Allied Services, which aids children and adults with disabilities and life-changing injuries.

Amy Neugebauer of Honesdale, Corey Burns of Factoryville, John A. Kramer Jr. of Dunmore and Kevin Walsh of Scranton are other local runners among the 18 participants on Ryan’s Run.

“FNCB contacted me and asked me if I wanted to run for them, and I said absolutely,” Borrelli, of Dickson City, said. “It was always kind of personal for me to beat my best time, but being part of a cause is a whole new spin on it.

“I have the motivation to train harder.”

Borrelli, who won the Steamtown Marathon in 2008 and 2009 and placed third last year, registered late for New York City, but with FNCB as his sponsor and as a participant with Ryan’s Run, he was able to get a free registration.

“It’s one of the biggest marathons in the world and it’s difficult to get into,” Borrelli said. “The free registration – that’s a gift right there.”

A standout runner at Mid Valley High School and Duquesne University, Borrelli said he will step up the training for NYC. A calf strain and a brief cold recently put a damper on his weekly mileage, but he hopes to hit 75 to 95 miles by the end of this month.

“We’ll see what happens after that,” he said. “I get up to 100 or over, I’ve been there before, that’s nothing new to me.

“But it takes a lot out of you, especially being a father, coaching, teaching, everything else I do.”

His family has been supportive as he takes on this massive endeavor, giving him time to go on long runs and train properly.

Plus, he goes into New York City with several goals in mind.

As a third-place finisher at Steamtown last year, Borrelli was within 20 seconds of his personal record. He hopes to set a new PR at New York City, as well as finish among the top 10 Americans and top 20-30 overall runners.

Fundraising for Allied Services is, of course, one of his biggest aspirations.

“I’m extremely blessed to have everyone in my life that I do,” Borrelli said. “I wouldn’t be able to do this without them.

“I’m not the only one running this marathon: people live vicariously through me when I run. Everyone has been so supportive.”