April is Limb Loss Awareness Month. Coincidentally, with the tragedy at the Boston Marathon resulting in 13 amputations and more likely to follow, people around the globe now have limb loss on their minds.

Wiggle Your Toes Foundation

NEPA Helps Boston
During Allied Services Amputation Awareness event next week, the organization will be collecting donations for the victims in Boston who have lost limbs. Attendees at the event, vendors, and Allied employees’ donations will be combined and donated to the Wiggle Your Toes Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping amputees, that will match the donations up to $10,000, and then distribute this total to Boston victims and their families.

Allied’s donations will be given in memory of Martin Richard, the 8 year old boy from Dorchester, MA, who lost his life waiting for his father to cross the finish line. Martin’s sister Jane, a young stepdancer and runner, lost her leg due to injuries from the bombs.

Advances in Prosthetics

Advances in Prosthetics
Modern prosthetics are technological marvels. Today’s computerized knees feature microprocessors and other enhancements are far safer and more useful. They keep people from falling, cut energy use for walking in half, and allow normal stair walking. The downside is the cost. A computerized above-knee prosthesis can cost up to $60,000, of which the best insurance companies typically pay about 80%. That $12,000 out of pocket cost, as well as related rehabilitation costs,will be eased by donations raised by Allied for the Boston bombing victims.

Allied Services CARF-Accredited Amputation Program

Allied is CARF-Accredited
Allied Rehab Hospital is CARF-accredited for its Amputation Program, and is rated in the top 1% of rehab hospitals nationwide, according to Uniform Data System, an independent organization that rates rehab hospitals. Experts from this program will be at the Amputation Awareness event, along with vendors who offer things like diabetic shoes that may prevent amputation. Peer supporters who have successfully completed their rehabilitation, will be there to offer support to attendees.

The Silver Lining
This year, Allied’s Second Annual “Amputation Awareness: Prevention and Rehabilitation” will not only offer information and hope to those who face limb loss, but will offer a way for the community of Northeastern Pennsylvania to help our neighbors to the north in Boston. For information, please call 570-348-1498.