After 28 years as a machine operator at Cinram, Patrick Perfilio of Clarks Summit found himself looking for a new career.  His job was eliminated due to downsizing, and with a family to support, he knew he needed a sustainable career and quick.

When searching for a new career, Patrick knew he didn’t want a job that would require him to do a lot of traveling, or be away from his family for long periods of time.   He had a lot to consider, but after seeing several advertisements for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) positions, and coming from a family involved in healthcare, Patrick decided to seek a career as a CNA.  Patrick attended a 12-week course offered at Lackawanna College, and completed his clinical rotations at 3 different local hospitals.  He had his doubts along the way, but credits his incredible teachers with helping him to reach his goal.

After completing his training, it was time to find a place to put his new skills to use. Patrick chose Allied Services after his mother-in-law, Roberta Cammer, a dietician at Allied Services Rehab Hospital in Scranton, told him there were CNA positions available.  Since 2012, Patrick has been a CNA at Allied Services Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center, and says that no matter what has happened in the past he is able to look at each day as a fresh start.  While he has had his fair share of hard days, both physically and emotionally, he says that the camaraderie among his fellow employees is incredible.  “Someone is always willing to help you out”, states Patrick.

Allied Services Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center is known for its quality long term care for those with complex nursing needs, but for many patients our skilled nursing center serves as a stepping stone along their path to recovery.  For Patrick, being a part of this process and seeing residents become well enough to return home to their families is a very rewarding experience, and something that makes him say, “Mission accomplished!”