March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Anyone can suffer a brain injury at any time; 1.7 million people do each year. In one instant, these people are faced with physical, cognitive, and behavioral challenges. The good news is that after proper acute care, excellent therapeutic rehabilitation and constant support will greatly increase brain injury survivors’ quality of life.

“The comprehensive rehabilitation provided at Heinz Rehab Hospital can prevent complications, lessen the permanent effects of an injury, improve relationships with family and loved ones, and maximize the ability of the survivor to live independently,” says Dr. Michael Raymond, Director, Clinical/Forensic Neuropsychology and Clinical Director, Brain Injury & Sports Concussion Program Allied Services at Heinz Rehab Hospital.

“Our team offers the most technologically advanced, skilled rehabilitation medicine in conjunction with compassionate ongoing support. We bring healing and hope to survivors of brain injury.”

Brain Injury Awareness Events at Allied: