Introducing the Neurocom EquiTest at Allied Services
Introducing the Neurocom EquiTest - Balance Therapy and Rehab at Allied Services

Thanks to the generosity of countless donors to last year’s Ryan’s Run campaign, the Neurocom EquiTest has come to Allied Rehab, Scranton, and Heinz Rehab, Wilkes-Barre. Considered the “gold standard” system for the diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders, the EquiTest provides a clearer, more complete picture of each patient’s unique balance impairments. These results are used to identify the most effective treatments to restore balance and stability, not just for patients with chronic or age-related balance problems, but also for those who are recovering from concussion stroke or brain injury, or managing MS or Parkinson’s symptoms.

Why is balance therapy so important? Dizziness and balance problems can lead to serious falls and injuries, especially for seniors. Each year, more than 1.6 million older (65+) Americans go to the emergency room for fall-related injuries. In fact, among older adults, falls are the #1 cause of fractures, trauma, loss of independence and injury death. About 30% of seniors’ falls result in a serious injury such as hip fracture, head injuries, or lacerations.

Along with free balance screenings, fitness and specialized therapy programs, the Equitest is part of Allied Services Integrated Health System’s continuing efforts to help northeastern Pennsylvanians prevent injuries and disabilities. For more information on Equitest, balance therapy and other ways to stay strong, please phone us at 1-888-REHAB-PA.