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Thank you for your interest in our EVAC stickers. We hope that you are never involved in an emergency evacuation. But if you are, we hope these stickers help emergency responders give you the extra assistance you need. And that knowing you have a sticker on your premises gives you peace of mind.

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Burnley April Showers Ball

When: April 28, 2017
Where: Terraview, Stroudsmoor Country Inn, Stroudsburg
Tickets: $125 per person, RSVP by April 18th
RSVP Link: RSVP Online
Sponsor Link: 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities



When Mark E. Smith was born with severe cerebral palsy, the doctors said that he was an absolute vegetable, void of cognitive skills. On top of that, Mark’s family was fragmented by alcoholism, divorce, incarceration, and suicide. But, Mark defied all odds, turning facing the insurmountable into accomplishing the impossible – transforming his life from the trials of a severely disabled child with little to the triumphs of an adult fulfilling dreams.

Today, Mark is among the most recognized disability figures in the world. His accomplishments are unmistakable as an icon within the wheelchair industry and serving as a General Manager for Pride Mobility Products Corporation and Quantum Rehab. Mark is the author of five books and countless magazine articles and columns, is the founding editor of, a leading website and blog for those with disabilities, is a lecturer and sought-after inspirational speaker, and sits on numerous community-related boards. Of course, Mark’s most important role is that of a husband and father of his two daughters, living in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

See, when Mark speaks of shifting one’s life from merely surviving to truly thriving, he doesn’t just talk about it – he’s lived it.