Community Life Support pledges donation for Nursing Home Week 2013

A new large screen projector television will be added for the benefit of residents and patients at the Allied Services Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center in the spirit of Nursing Home Week.

Allied Services Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive care for both short and long t termed patients. For many patients it serves as a transition program, with exceptional staff the patients are able to return to their home provided with home health or out-patient services. Also this program provides an inpatient stay at Allied Rehab Hospital or Heinz Rehab Hospital, if appropriate.

Community Life Support is dedicated to providing prompt, efficient and professional patient care and ambulance transportation services to Lackawanna County, Wyoming County, and the surrounding areas. We strive to advance the exceptional relationship between professional and community based providers through teaching, providing continuing education, community service and leading by example.

Pictured, left to right: Chris Minich, Asst. Administrator; Lenny Wesolowski, Community Life Support; Laura Smith, VP/Administrator; Erin Wanick, Director of Recreation Therapy; Gene Lesneski, Operations Supervisor.