Allied Vocational Employees Celebrate 305 Years of Service

Employees in Allied Services Vocational Division were recently honored at a party that celebrated their service anniversaries. Vocational Services provides job training, employment, and client support for individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, allowing them to earn money, make friends with coworkers, and take pride in being productive members of our community. Awards were given to employees with anniversaries in multiples of five. The years of service are listed after each employee name.

Pictured are, back row, from left: Russell Lewis, 10; PJ Norton, 25; Norman Mott, 10; Michael Mayeski, 10; Bill Conaboy, President/CEO; Kathy Brady, 25; Connie Wandalowski, 30; and Bob Ames, Vice President, Community Services. Middle row: Joe Sharpe, 20; John Stassi, 5; Sara Regula, 5; Barb Wade, 30; John Yeager, 25; Mark Kwiatkowski, 5; Ricky Pell, 10; and Brian Ives, 30. Front row: Joseph Maciejeski, 15; John Bittenbender, 25; Mary Beck, 5; Charlotte Stewart (seated), 5; Marcy Judge, 10; and Beau Marchegiani, 5.