Lisa Pastore, PT/C.L.T, DPT of Allied Services Integrated Health System Women’s Health Program will appear on WVIA’s Call the Doctor on October 15th at 7:00 p.m. The second in a series, the October 15th episode will focus on Breast Cancer Resources and Support. Ms. Pastore will be joined by Allied Services staff experienced in the treatment of lymphedema who will assist with viewer calls and queries.

Ms. Pastore specializes in the treatment of lymphedema secondary to breast cancer ans other acute and chronic illness. She has served as guest lecturer on lymphedema management for local colleges and university physical therapy and health sciences programs. Ms. Pastore is a team member of the lymphedema program at Allied Rehab and Heinz Rehab which provides comprehensive rehab care to patients with acute to chronic lymphedema. The program’s team of experienced include therapists certified in the Vodder Technique as well as by the Lymphedema Assocation of North America (LANA).