Allied Services Integrated Health System Holds Annual Holiday Luncheon for Volunteers

Allied Services Integrated Health System recently held its annual Holiday Luncheon for Volunteers. Allied’s volunteers and the Allied staff members who work most closely with them were treated to a sumptuous feast and a concert of Christmas carols sung by the students of Allied’s dePaul School for Children with Dyslexia.

Volunteers at Allied Services are divided into two groups. The first group raises funds by selling candy, pretzels and cookies on the Allied campus on a daily basis, as well as through special projects like bakes sales, craft shows, raffles, and car cruises. Beneficiaries for the funds they raise include, but are not limited to, youth scholarships at the dePaul School for Children with Dyslexia; nursing scholarships for Allied nurses’ continuing education; fulfillment of wish list items in the various departments; gifts for long term residents; Ryan’s Run; and pediatric parties. They also lend a hand at many off-campus activities, such as the recent IAM fundraiser for people with spinal injuries at the University of Scranton.

The second group are volunteers who work hands-on with long term residents, consumers, and outpatients. They keep the residents comfortable and make the outpatients feel welcome. They are the companions, the comforters and the transporters of those in need. They deliver the mail, the newspapers, the flowers, packages and smiles to the residents. They are the greeters and coffee makers who make all who enter Allied feel as though they are part of the Allied family.

Allied Services Volunteers in Attendance:

Betty Arscott
Ruben Barreiro
Geri Berg
Jeanne Browning
Nancy Connelly
Sister Theresa Mary Dougherty
Wesley “Chief” Dunn
MaryLou Dwyer
Pamela Farabaugh
Ann Farry
Dolly Genovesse
Mary Goyla
Pat Grant
Beverly Harris
Pat & John Hock
Catherine & Joe Janichko
Faye King
Penny King
Nancy Klapatch
Jay Kwiatkowski

Shirley Lepthien
Edie MacIntire
Mark McDade
Tom McLaughlin
George & Sally Moran
Lucille Morris
Liz & Lou Nardella
Donald Nesbitt
Beverly Oravitz
Marilyn Ostrowski
Lois Rail
Nancy Richards
Margaret Shimkus
Helen Smalley
Barbara Smith
Ann Spott
Bill Tonti
Dorothy Walsh
Rosalie Warner
Steve Woodcock

Allied Services Employees in Attendance:
James Batton, Director, Recreational Therapy & Director of Volunteers
Romaine Bidgood, A/P Specialist, Fiscal Services
Jim Brogna, Assistant Vice President, Advancement
Donna Cutro, Manager, Allied Cafe
Peggy Ford, Assistant Director, Development
Patricia Frangella, Assistant Director, Recreational Therapy
Juel Judge, Public Relations Specialist
PJ Kilvitis, Administrative Secretary
Suzanne Rickard, Principal, dePaul School for Children with Dyslexia
Janine Shoemaker, Training Coordinator, Developmental Services
Suzanne Woodyatt, Coordinator of Activities, Recreational Therapy