Cutting edge technology continues to be a focus of Allied Integrated Health System. In December of 2011, ZeroG body weight support systems were installed at both Allied Rehab and Heinz Rehab Hospitals. These systems are only the 9th and 10th to be installed in the nation. The ZeroG technology will allow a therapist to collect and monitor data on progress, demonstrating real life results.

The ZeroG systems work by providing dynamic support to a patient, while the patient is wearing a fitted harness. The patient can move in multiple directions, without interference from the ZeroG system. Should a patient lose their balance, the ZeroG system responds by providing more support to the patient through the harness, or by locking out and fully supporting the patient.

The ZeroG systems will assist the therapy teams at Heinz Rehab and Allied Rehab to:

  • Get patients walking sooner
  • Practice real life balance activities in a safe manner
  • Work on transfers from the floor and seated positions without fear of falling
  • Promote confidence in patients experiencing the ZeroG
  • Practice stair climbing with extra support
  • Practice walking over uneven terrain

Patients from all walks of life may benefit from the ZeroG technology. The ZeroG device can be used by patients of all ages, and with a variety of Diagnoses. Examples of diagnoses include, but are not limited to: Stroke, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Amputation, Orthopedic Conditions, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and more.

If you think you might benefit from the use of the ZeroG, consult your physician who may refer you to an Allied Integrated Health System facility for further evaluation.